Poll: In the market for a new car? Would you buy American?

Yesterday, a study by the folks at R.L. Polk & Co., found that 55 percent U.S. car shoppers plan on buying new cars in the next two years, with 72 percent of them considering domestic models

Many of you who commented on the Miscellaneous Thoughts post yesterday seem to disagree with R.L. Polk & Co. Some comments from users who felt the R.L. Polk & Co., study was, well stupid, said: 

me2: Ha ha this study or survey stinks. Look around and you’ll see most people buy and drive European and Japanese cars. At least here in New York. Dumb rednecks will keep buying american because that’s the only thing they know…..

Burton: I don’t know who the f*** cnn interviewed (rednecks *cough*) but let have a vote here. WHO here is planning to buy american in the next two years? You’re out of luck if you want a tesla, it’s out of your league!

Well, we decided to have to do our own study. So let us know if you would buy American in the poll below.

– By: Kap Shah