Miscellaneous Thoughts: Rolls-Royce considers lawsuit over Phantom clone, secret to saving Chrysler found

Welcome to our second edition of Miscellaneous Thoughts where we let you know about some interesting automotive related content our editors come across on the web. 

Rolls-Royce considers lawsuit against China’s Geely: Rolls-Royce is considering legal action against Geely for their £30,000 ($44,176 USD) GE Phantom look-a-like – Telegraph

KickingTires discovers the secret to saving Chrysler: The company’s pistol-grip shifter for the 6-speed manual could’ve helped the Auburn Hills automaker avoid bankruptcy – KickingTires.com

Government’s support for the automakers now totals $36.4 billion – Detroit News

Our friends at Drivers Republic drive the 2009 Porsche 911 GT3: Chris Harris drops us a note on the publication’s review of the new 911 GT3 – Drivers Republic

What’s on our mind? When is Fritz Henderson going to give us another update? What is Nardelli doing with the 7 days until April 30th rolls around?

We also made some changes to our logo again after you guys asked for a little more refinement. What do you think?

– By: Kap Shah