Study: 2009 Ford models have fewer problems than Honda vehicles

Ford has a lot to celebrate as of lately. The Dearborn automaker is currently marketing the 45th Anniversary of the Mustang, celebrating growth in two of Europe’s largest markets with the sale of 170,000 2010 Fiestas units (check out our first drive of the Fiesta later today) and of course, is proud to be the only American automaker that has yet to ask the Obama administration for any loans.

Well, Ford can add one more thing to a very exciting 2009 so far. According to a new study by the RDA Group of Bloobfield Hills, FoMoCo models had fewer problems in their first three-months of operation than Honda vehicles.

The study showed how the Dearborn automaker is nearly neck-and-neck with Toyota in terms of quality for its 2009 model year vehicles and how it is in statistical tie with Japanese brands when it comes to customer satisfaction. 

– By: Omar Rana

Source: Detroit News