Nissan lowers its global forecast for the 2009 370Z

Nissan’s European product strategy and planning manager Thomas Ebeling said that the Japanese automaker has lowered its expectations for its 370Z by a third due to the economic downturn. Ebeling said that Nissan had hoped to sell 30,000 units of the 370Z globally.

“The economic conditions we are facing today hit this kind of car much harder than those in other segments,” he told Automotive News Europe.

Nissan has now dropped its forecast for the 370Z to 10,000 annually in global sales. Most of those are expected to comer from North America with 3,000 coming form Europe.

Ebeling said that Nissan sold a total of 163,000 units of the 350Z since its launch in 2002.

2009 Nissan 370Z:



– By: The Daily Auto Editor