Hyundai Genesis Prada previewed before Seoul debut

The Hyundai Genesis sedan keeps adding to its already impressive resume. Already the 2009 North American Car of the Year and a Top Safety Pick by the IIHS, Hyundai is now playing in the big league if it wasn’t already before.

Images of the Hyundai Genesis Prada edition have been released prior to the car’s debut at the 2009 Seoul Motor Show. That’s right – Prada, the Italian fashion label has joined forces with Hyundai for a special edition of the Genesis saloon (just sounds more exquisite than sedan).

Two images were released showing the upgrades which include a dark-blue matte-finish paint on the outside along with 20-inch wheels, illuminated flooring and white “Saffiano” leather seats and dash.

Hyundai and Prada worked on only three examples of the Genesis Prada. The one you see here will be in Seoul and will be later put on display at Hyundai’s headquarters. The other two units will be auctioned off at Prada Transformer with the proceeds going to charity.

Hyundai Genesis Prada:


– By: Kap Shah

Source: Hyundai-Blog