Bob Lutz defends the Chevrolet Volt against auto task force’s wrath

Today is Bob Lutz’s last day as General Motors Vice Chairman and head of Global Product Development. Tomorrow, Lutz will take on a new role as Vice Chairman and Senior Advisor. So on his last day, GM-Volt only saw it fit to ask Maximum Bob about the remarks that came from the auto task force yesterday regarding the Chevrolet Volt (since the Volt is Lutz’s little baby and all).

The government’s audit of GM’s viability plan said that the company had invested too much time and money into the Volt instead of focusing on producing better smaller cars.

What does Lutz have to say about all this?

In an e-mail to GM-Volt, Lutz wrote: “Thanks for your concern. Volt will survive and prosper. We know the numbers better than the Government”¦we furnished them! First-generation technology is expensive, but you can”t have a second generation without a first generation,” Mr Lutz wrote me in an email. “Common sense and intelligence will prevail, here!”

– By: The Daily Auto Editor

Source: GM-Volt