GM postpones its decision on the future of Hummer

Going into the 11th month of uncertainty over Hummer’s future, General Motors said today that it is postponing a decision on its Hummer brand for “a few weeks” as it works out details to complete a sale, reports Automotive News.

“Our efforts to sell Hummer are proceeding, and there are several parties interested — and I would say really interested — in the brand,” said GM’s president of North America Troy Clarke. “We’re still very much in the process, although that process is maturing.”

Clarke said that GM is still studying whether Hummer will be sold or shutdown altogether.

General Motors confirmed in June 2008 that it was putting Hummer up for sale. The move went into urgency when former CEO Rick Wagoner met with the U.S. Treasury Department on Feb. 17, 2009. 

– By: The Daily Auto Editor