GM to pull Cadillac from more than half of Europe

Yesterday it was reported that Cadillac has canned plans to bring a much-needed V6 turbodiesel to its European lineup. Today we learned that General Motors will halt Cadillac sales in more than half of its European markets. The move follows the collapse of its regional distributor, Kroymans.

GM had targets of selling 7,500 Cadillacs in Europe by 2008 when it appointed Kroymans as the brand’s distributor six years ago. However, European sales fell 5 percent to 4,556 last year.

“We will take it down to less than a dozen markets,” a GM Europe source told Automotive News Europe.

As of right now, General Motors sells Cadillacs in 25 European markets. It will now focus on markets such as Russia, United Kingdom and Switzerland where it is able to compete with German luxury rivals.

– By: The Daily Auto Editor