GM kills plans to offer diesel engine for Cadillac in Europe

General Motors has decided to kill plans to offer a new diesel-engine that was earmarked to power Cadillac’s lineup in Europe. The move comes as a major blow to the Cadillac division in Europe where in order to be a successful competitor, a diesel-lineup is a virtual requirement. 

The engine was a 2.9L V6 turbodiesel that was being produced by Italian diesel-engine expert VM Motori S.p.A. A source at VM Motori said that the design and development of the engine was complete and ready to go.

While GM and Cadillac sources told AutoObserver that the diesel for Europe has been cancelled, spokeswoman Joann Krell said that the engine has been “indefinitely delayed.”

The only Caddy with a diesel offering in Europe is the not-so-popular front-wheel-drive BLS. The new V6 turbodiesel was set to power the STS and CTS.

Cadillac sold just 4,556 units in Europe during 2008 – a 4.3 percent decline when compared to 2007.

– By: The Daily Auto Editor

Source: AutoObserver