GM to share technology with Saab for the next 5 years

Jan-Willem Vester, a Saab spokesman, told Automotive News that General Motors and Saab have agreed to share technology for at least the next five years – a move that is designed to make the Swedish brand more attractive to potential buyers. GM is setting up Saab to operate separately from GM starting January 2010.


The question was brought up to GM’s Fritz Henderson who said that Saab would be allowed to tap into GM’s technology. He said that he doesn’t expect that to end anytime soon “because Saab is launching several new products and will need to depend on several of GM components and systems.”

Vester said that GM has pledged $400 million to Saab but continues to shop the brand to outside investors.

He said that Saab is planning to launch three new vehicles over the next 18 months including a new 9-5 sedan, a new 9-4 crossover and the 9-3X all-wheel-drive sport wagon that will debut at the 2009 New York Auto Show next month.

– By: The Daily Auto Editor