Ford: Alan Mulally and Bill Ford will continue to use private aircraft fleet

The Detroit Big Three received a lot of heat when they flew to Washington in their private jets in December 2008 to request aid from the U.S. government. Following that, FoMoCo put all of its private plan fleet up for sale. Well, the fleet has not been sold as of yet.

Since December, Executive Chairman Bill Ford and CEO Alan Mulally have been flying on chartered aircrafts.


In its preliminary proxy filing on Tuesday, FoMoCo said that its two top executives will continue to fly the company’s private jet fleet for business and personal travel. It said that the move will continue to maximize the time the executives have available for company business and for security reasons.

The only changes that will be made are when Alan Mulally’s family is on board. According to Automotive News, Mulally’s family will be allowed to use the company’s private aircraft fleet as long as Mulally is flying with them. The Dearborn automaker said that when Mulally is not present, the company will pay for coach-class commercial flights for his family. 

In 2008, Mulally’s company and personal use of private aircrafts totaled $344,109. GM, which has received $17.4 billion in government aid, continues to fly its executives on commercial airlines. Ford continues to operate without any government loans.

– By: Omar Rana