Report: Porsche considering 356 Speedster successor

During an economic crisis where auto sales are down, automakers are forced to come up with new ideas to adjust their product offering with the demand of consumers. Lightweight, fuel-efficient vehicles have seemed to become the “thing to do” for auto manufacturers and luxury sports car makers are no exception. The best recent example of this is the Bentley Continental Supersports.

According to AutoZeitung, Porsche is also cutting down on weight and is considering a small, lightweight mid-engine successor to the 356 Speedster. The basis of the 356 Speedster will be the Volkswagen BlueSport concept which was unveiled at the 2009 Detroit Auto Show.

Under the hood Porsche is said to be considering the 272 turbocharged 2.0L TFSI from the Audi TT as well as the 160-hp 1.4L turbocharged 4-cylinder from the Volkswagen Scriocco.

If the 356 Speedster successor receives the green-light from Porsche’s board of directors, it could be on the road by 2013.

Volkswagen BlueSport Concept:


– By: The Daily Auto Editor

Source: AutoZeitung