Photo Renderings: Alfa Romeo MiTo Cabriolet

A bunch of Alfa Romeo MiTo Cabriolet renderings have popped up online showing what the drop-top version of the hottest Italian hatchback could look like.

It was reported in June of last year that Alfa Romeo is working on a soft-top convertible version of the MiTo due for launch in 18 months. According to that we should see the convertible MiTo right before 2009 ends. The MiTo convertible is expected to get the same engine lineup as its hatchback sibling.

Of course, a MiTo GTA Cabriolet should scare the shoes off of the Mini Cooper S. But we’ll let that remain a dream for now.

Photo Renderings: Alfa Romeo MiTo Cabriolet:


– By: The Daily Auto Editor

Source: InfoMotori (via