Live from India: Tata Nano unveiled, may come to the U.S. in 3 years

This week, the world saw the world’s cheapest car being unveiled in India. Starting at 100,000 rupees ($1,983 USD), the Tata Nano will be available in 1,000 cities in India starting April 9th. But will the Nano ever come to the U.S.?

Our friend Shrawan of IndianAutosBlog attended the press event live and pitched our question to Mr. Ratan Tata himself. According to Tata, the Nano has to go through some design changes to meet ferderal-safety requirements. He said that the changes to make the Nano street-legal for the U.S. will take about three years

“Within 3 years we are looking to re-engineer the car to met U.S requirements,” said Tata. “If the pricing is right after all the modifications are done, we will sell it in the U.S. “Given present indications of buying preferences in the U.S., we think we can develop the European Nano for the U.S.”

Tata said that the Nano has to meet “rear-crash tests” in the U.S. for which “redesigning is necessary, and will take 3 years.”

There you have it. 

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Live from India: Tata Nano:



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– By: Omar Rana