Audi A2 successor nearing concept form, electric-version in the works

According to Audi’s r&d chief Michael Dick, plans to build a successor to the Audi A2 have moved on to the concept car stage with the design being finalized at the company’s Ingolstadt headquarters. Dick told UK publication AutoCar that while new model will “be recognizable as an A2 but very different from the old car.”

Audi is looking to launch an electric version of the A2 at the same time it launches the conventional model. That is one reason for the A2’s delay.

“We will not make the same mistake as with the first A2 and do it all by ourselves,” Dick told AutoCar. “We also want to build an electric version straight away.”

Killing rumors of the Audi A2 being built on the Volkswagen Up! platform, Dick said that the next-generation model will be built on “a group platform of the next-generation” that fits between the A2 and the A3.

– By: The Daily Auto Editor

Source: AutoCar