3 in 5 Americans oppose giving GM and Chrysler government loans

According to a survey by R.L. Polk, more than three and five Americans (that’s 61 percent) oppose giving General Motors and Chrysler additional government loans. Of course, since it’s the taxpayer’s money that goes to the two automakers, their voice about what happens with their money matters. Nonetheless, we’ll found out more details on March 31 when the auto task force will reveal their decision on GM and Chrysler’s additional request for aid.

The R.L. Polk survey said that about the same percentage of those who opposed also recognized that denying them additional loans will have severe economic consequences.

GM had no comment on the survey results and Chrysler said that it expects many viewpoints on its current financial condition.

“We are completely focused on working with the automotive task force to ensure the viability of an industry and a company that provides economic benefits to communities across the country,” Chrysler told the Detroit Free Press.

– By: Omar Rana

Source: Free Press