Obama’s auto task force is hiring

Looking for a job? Obama’s auto task force is recruiting (zermatt you may want to apply). The auto task force is looking for a financial expert for what may be a year-long position in Washington to help restructure the American auto industry. The job requires long hours and government wages.

The auto task force is looking to increase their small staff which is currently working around the clock digging through the books of General Motors and Chrysler.

An email was recently sent out to Wall Street from Harry J. Wilson, a member of the auto task force, seeking applicants for up to four jobs on the auto team.

“The work is incredibly intense,” Wilson said in his email. “The amount of work is massive, the timelines are tight and the level of focus is also very high.”

The message said that the auto task force is looking for two applicants in two job categories including: principal/vice president level and associate/analyst level. A candidate must have 12 years of experience and should not have worked for the Detroit 3 or the UAW in the past 12 months. The candidate must also let go of their auto-related investments even if they are held by your spouse or your dependent children.

Sounds like a lot of fun.

– By: Omar Rana

Source: Detroit News