AutoNation to cover your car payments for six month if you lose your job

AutoNation has rolled out a new incentive program that covers up to six months of car payments for a new or used vehicle for those who lose their jobs. Known as the “Payment Protection,” the program will cover payments for a buyer as the look for a new job.

The program is very similar to Hyundai’s Assurance program which allows customers to return their Hyundai vehicle if they lose their job.

AutoNation owns 313 franchises in 15 states will provide payments to cover a vehicle’s finance or lease during the first year following the original date of purchase. The program requires an initial 90 day waiting period and requires that the work be involuntarily laid-off by his/her company.

Currently the Payment Protection program is available at 33 South Florida dealerships as of right now and may launch nation wide.

– By: The Daily Auto Editor

Source: Reuters