2010 British Motor Show cancelled

The 2010 British Motor Show has become the latest auto show to face cancellation due to the global economic downturn. The shows organizers announced today that the show will be canceled next year and didn’t say when the show will return.

The British Motor Show, which moved to London about three years ago, was on its way to become one of the more important international auto shows. The 2008 British Motor Show held 12 major revealed including the Lotus Eagle, Opel Insignia and the Bentley Flying Spur Speed.

“The British International Motor Show is the U.K.”s largest consumer exhibition, hugely popular with the public, and has been attracting increasing numbers of visitors over recent years, making the decision to cancel the 2010 show an extremely difficult one,” said Paul Everitt, chief executive of the U.K.”s Society of Motor Manufacturers and Traders.

– By: Kap Shah

Source: AutoWeek