Nissan may delay diesel for the 2010 Maxima

Nissan confirmed back in June 2008 that it will be bringing a clean-diesel version of the Nissan Maxima to the U.S. by 2010. The move would have marked the first clean-diesel for the U.S. from Nissan. However, plans are now expected to change and the Japanese automaker will be joining several other automakers that are putting the brakes on their diesel launch strategies.

A spokesman told AutoObserver that there is “no official word yet” regarding the diesel engine for the 2010 Maxima.¬†

“We’re reviewing our mid-term product plans right now [some to be delayed, some potentially canceled], but nothing in concrete as yet,” the spokesman said.

The 2010 Nissan Maxima was confirmed to get a 3.0L V6 turbodiesel produced by its partner Renault.

– By: The Dally Auto Editor

Source: AutoObserver