Man buried in the bed of his 1967 Chevy pickup

Some of us have a very close attachment to our vehicles. It’s our car or truck that never leave us high and dry no matter how hard we push or work them. Albert Dancy Jr. of Sutton, West Virginia took his love for his 1967 Chevrolet pickup to a whole new level.

Dancy was recently shot and killed after a domestic quarrel. His son, Adam Dancy, honored his father’s wish of being buried  in his truck. Dancy was laid to rest in the bed of his Chevy pickup along with this Old Timer pocketknife and a Remington .243 caliber deer rifle.

“He said it always joking around, but he said it for so many years it was pretty much serious to me,” said Dancy’s son. “I always took him seriously. It was the last thing I could do for him.”

– By: The Daily Auto Editor

Source: PickupTrucks