Mini Spirit: New four-seater model will feature advanced electric powertrain

According to the folks over at AutoExpress, Mini is working on what looks like minivan. Zero emissions, an advanced electric engine, and a line of fuel-sipping gasoline engines will play a big part in the upcoming new model from Mini.

Known as the Mini Spirit, the lightweight model will succeed the 1959 original. Being develop from a joint venture between BMW and Fiat, the Mini Spirit will play a key part in the return of the BMW Isetta and Topolino nameplates. The four-door, four-seater Spirit will be built on a lightweight aluminum platform and will feature plastic bodywork to keep the weight down.

Besides the lineup of fuel-efficient gasoline engines, the powertrain from the MINI E will give the new model an ultra-fuel-efficient trim level. There is now word on pricing or production details as of yet but the Mini Spirit is expected to make its concept debut at the 2009 Frankfurt Motor Show in September.

– By: The Daily Auto Editor

Source: AutoExpress