TIME wants you to ask Alan Mulally 10 questions

While we were just browsing the internet (actually TIME.com is our home page) we came across the 10 Questions section on TIME Magazine’s website. This time in the hot seat is Ford CEO, Alan Mulally.

As GM and Chrysler fight for their lives, Ford Motor Company has opted not to ask our government for a penny. A major part of the credit for that goes to the man holding the steering wheel at Ford – Alan Mulally.

“We don”t want to borrow any more money. We have sufficient liquidity to fund our transformation plan, which means our business is in a relatively good shape,” Mulally told reporters earlier this year.

Ford’s main man even calls up his customers and thanks them for buying their vehicle over a competitor’s vehicle. Mulally recently took a 30 percent pay cut to show UAW workers that they aren”t the only ones being asked to make sacrifices which led to the UAW agreeing to ratify contract changes to the VEBA funding. Last but not least, he helped Ford become the only sigh of relief coming out of Michigan when he recently said Ford can make it through 2009 without any government aid.

So, we’re pretty sure you have a lot of questions to ask Mr. Mulally. Click here to submit your question and make sure you make it a good one since TIME only picks 10.