Schwarzenegger test drives Ronn Motor’s Scorpion, “God’s own supercar”

Ronn Motor’s CEO Ronn Maxwell promised California Governor Arnold Schwarzenegger that he would bring the Scorpion supercar to California when Schwarzenegger inquired about the car after reading a Men’s Journal article calling the Scorpion – “God’s Own Supercar.”

Two days ago, Maxwell got permission from God and brought the Scorpion over to California and parked it on the steps of the Capital building for Schwarzenegger and took the advocate of fuel-efficiency for a test-drive.

Never heard of the Scorpion? The Scorpion is a supercar built by Ronn Motor and is capable of hitting a highway fuel-economy of 40 mpg and a top speed of 200 mph. Power for the Scorpion comes from an Acura 3.5L V6 Type S engine that makes 289-hp in stock form and 450+ with the twin-turbo option. The engine is then mated to a Hydrogen Fuel Injection (HFI) system which provides 130 octane Hydrogen blended with gasoline in ratios of 30-50 percent.

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Ronn Motor Scorpion:


What the heck does that mean? Ronn Motor says that the HFI system actually “produces hydrogen during vehicle operation through electrolysis of water using the power generated from the vehicles electrical system. A small amount of hydrogen added to the vehicles intake air/fuel mixture allows the engine to operate with less fossil fuel.” That is how the Scorpion achieves its outstanding performance with a highway fuel-economy of 40 mpg.

Ronn Motor is now taking orders for the Scorpion with a $1,000 reservation. Production kicked off early 2009 and Ronn Motor will be producing a total of 200 units for the year with pricing starting at $150,000.

Ronn Motor Scorpion:


– By: Omar Rana

Source: Ronn Motor (via WCF)