So how was Obama’s auto task force’s visit to Detroit?

While some of you are wondering where our visitor zermatt is (zermatt being a very analytical individual who we feel is a great addition to our community), we’re guessing he’s unwinding after a very tiring visit to Detroit on Monday where President Obama’s auto task force visited General Motors and Chrysler.

Either way, the auto task force has left Detroit and we’re all left wondering – “so what did they think?” Are they going to call back $17.4 billion or are GM and Chrysler going to get additional loans that can total up to $21.6 billion.

According to AutoObserver, the auto task force, none of whom have any auto industry experience and happen to own foreign made vehicles, are not providing any hint about their thoughts on their Detroit visit or what they plan on doing for GM and Chrysler’s financial situation once the March 31 deadline arrives.

All we know is they visited GM executives and test drove a Chevrolet Volt, visited Chrysler’s Nardelli/LaSorda/Press and a Dodge pickup plant, followed by a two-hour meeting with UAW President Ron Gettlefinger.

Obama’s administration told reporters that the trip “was a success and the White House understands the need for urgency and deliberation and the task force will work ‘around the clock’ on industry issues.”

GM’s said that it was “pleased to host the task force so they could experience firsthand the new products and technologies that are an integral part of GM’s near- and long-term competitiveness. We look forward to continuing to support the efforts of the task force as they move quickly to address their critical tasks.”

Guess we’ll all find out the outcome on March 31.

Source: AutoObserver