AT&T to spend $565 million on fuel-efficient company cars, Ford to be “key beneficiary”

AT&T is going green. The company announced today that it will be spending $565 million within the next 10 years to replace or buy 15,000 vehicles in its corporate fleet that run on alternative fuels. AT&T said that the investment would be the biggest of its kind by a U.S. company and that FoMoCo would “be a key beneficiary.”

That’s good news for Ford who is working on battery-electric cars, next-generation hybrids and a plug-in hybrid for 2012. Its first battery-electric vehicle will debut in 2010 – a version of the 2010 Ford Transit Connect.

About 8,000 vehicles from the 15,000 will run on compressed natural gas and will be built by Ford. 7,100 other vehicles will be hybrids and other advanced technology fuel-efficient systems.

Source: Reuters