Smart ForTwo +2: Four-seater, four-door Smart on the way

A new wave of small luxury cars are about hit the dealerships near you (well depending on where you live). Audi is planning the A1 and BMW is working on something called the Isetta. Worrying that it may lose market share, Smart has decided to add rear doors and two extra seats to its ForTwo.

Instead of being called the “Smart ForFour” like the previous four-seater model, the new Smart sedan is expected to carry the ForTwo +2 badge. The new Smart four-seater will be very similar to the two-seater and will be build on the same rear-wheel-drive layout with the engine sitting under the boot floor – although the wheelbase will be extended for extra legroom.

Daimler is hoping that the new Smart ForTwo +2 is more popular than the failed ForFour project which was canned after only two years. It was built in partnership with Mitsubishi.

The Smart ForTwo +2 is expected to go on sale in 2012 with a wide choice of engines, stop/start technology and a full electric-model.

Source: AutoExpress