Obama’s auto task force to test drive Volt prototype today

As we told you last week, President Barack Obama’s auto task force will be headed to Detroit today to meet with executives from General Motors and Chrysler. Advisers Steve Rattner and Ronald Bloom will visit GM’s technical center in Warren and will also pay a visit to Chrysler’s truck assembly plant. They will also hold a meeting with UAW President Ron Gettelfinger.

According to White House officials, the trip will also include a trip to GM’s test lab where the Volt is being developed. GM has also set up a test drive in the Volt prototype hoping to impress the auto task force. We wonder if Chrysler will setup a test drive of their 200C EV.

So far the advisers have spent more than two weeks (allegedly working day and night) holding meetings with industry executives and analysts.

GM and Chrysler are seeking up to $21 billion in additional aid. The two have already received a total of $17 billion in government loans. On March 31, President Barack Obama will decide to approve or reject restructuring plans that the two companies submitted in February.

Source: Detroit News