Lexus IS F Evolution still in the works, two prototypes are in testing

About a little more than a year ago, it was reported that Lexus is working on a hotter version of the Lexus IS-F high-performance sedan known as the Lexus IS-F Evolution aka IS-F/R. Fighting its way through the horrible economic downturn, the IS-F Evolution, although delayed, will soldier on.

Initially, the Lexus IS-F Evolution was expected to be powered by an uprated version of the 5.0L V8 making a total of 429-hp. However, Lexus has now decided to stick with the standard 416-hp from the IS-F and will concentrate on weight saving methods that can chop off about 300 pounds from the base IS-F. Handling and braking upgrades will all be a part of the package.

The Lexus IS-F Evolution will feature “˜sport design wide wheels” wrapped in 245/35/19 tires on the front and 275/30/19 on the back. The car will be available in all carbon version for all you weight-saving enthusiasts.

Lexus is testing two test mules and plans on producing 500 units annually.

Source: 7Tune (via AutoBlog)