Lagonda Concept gives first hint at Aston Martin, Mercedes-Benz cooperation

It’s no surprise that the reception of the Lagonda Concept by Aston Martin was … well, awkward. Not many liked the design of the concept that is said to revive the old luxury brand by 2012. However, according to Aston Martin Lagonda designer Marek Reichman, said that the “body language is avant-garde.”

Reichman confirmed that the Concept in fact shares its platform with the Mercedes-Benz GL, giving us the first hint at a closer Aston Martin and Mercedes-Benz relationship. Reichman said that the Lagonda Concept is the very first product of cooperation between Aston and Daimler.

It’s been previously reported that Aston Martin is working with Mercedes-Benz in a relationship that could spawn a hybrid Aston Martin, a full-range of Lagonda models, a possible DB10 and SUV from Lagonda.

Reichman said that with a GL platform, the Lagonda Concept can accommodate a range of diesel, V6 and AMG V8 engines as well as Daimler’s two-mode hybrid system. He said that the luxury Lagonda Concept is also capable of doing some off-roading on rough roads.

So will the Lagonda Concept enter production? Reichman says that so far this is all a test. “We are launching the Lagonda brand with a concept. But typically we have not done concepts that we have not put into production.”

Source: Motor Trend