Chrysler’s Jim Press: Things aren’t so bad, we’re doing okay

For February 2009 sales, Chrysler came out better than its Detroit rivals GM and Ford. Chrysler is now hoping that March sales come out better than February sales. Chrysler President Jim Press said that the company is extending all its February programs through March hoping to improve sales.

“Things aren’t so bad,” Press told AutoObserver.¬†“At 80,000 vehicles sold in February, we’re doing okay. We’re not paying dividends or bonuses but we’re okay.”

Press said that while Chrysler isn’t making money on those sales, he is hoping that the media and analysts look at retail sales instead of concentrating on the company’s fleet sales. He pointed at that Chrysler is not making money on those sales, adding that no one is in the current marketplace.

Press said that February incentives looked stronger than its rivals since it had more 2008 inventory to get rid of. He said that transactions for 2009 models “are pretty much in line with competitors.”

Chrysler reported a drop of 44 percent in February 2009 sales.

Source: AutoObserver