BMW working on second-generation EfficientDynmics technology with NASA

With help from NASA scientists and some sophisticated technology, BMW is moving forward with its second-generation EfficientDynamics green car technology. According to CAR, BMW and NASA will work together in building what is known as a “thermoelectric generator.”

The technology, which is used to power satellites, will help boost fuel-economy in BMW vehicles by 5 percent says BMW”s head of development Klaus Draeger. A thermoelectric generator converts heat between radioactive materials to generate electricity. When hooked up to a car’s exhaust system, a thermoelectric generator can generate about 200W of power.

“Some of the heat generated by combustion is converted to electric energy which is then fed back into the car”s power supply to feed high-demand systems such as climate controls,” Draeger told CAR Online.

Draeger says that the new technology will make it into BMW cars by 2014.

Source: CAR