BMW: Project i vehicles will be ‘premium-cars’

According to Project i boss Dr. Ulrich Karnz, BMW’s Project i will develop vehicles for those that can afford premium vehicle. Project i is BMW’s strategy to develop compact electric-vehicles for big cities like London, New York, Tokyo and Shanghai. The 515 electric MINI E models currently being tested are the foundation of future Project i vehicles.

“These vehicles will be premium vehicles,” Kranz told CAR at the 2009 Geneva Motor Show. “They will not be Tata Nano rivals ““ no way! We can and will only build premium cars.”

Kranz said that BMW has yet to decide whether the cars will wear a BMW badge or create another brand for the fuel-efficient premium vehicles. He said that the cars will initially be built in Germany but production in other markets is possible.

“They will be built by BMW in BMW factories ““ we wouldn’t consider outsourcing production to a third party,” Karnz said.

First Drive: MINI E:

Source: CAR