Ford Fiesta ST on hold until 2012, may be cancelled altogether

According to AutoCar, Ford has said that its high-performance Fiesta, known as the Fiesta ST, has been delayed and may never even make it to production. The 200-hp Ford Fiesta ST was expected to join the Fiesta hatchback lineup later this year but ford has put a hold on the project due to it current financial situation.

“Now is not the right time for a Fiesta ST,” a source told Autocar. “We may have a better opportunity to make the ST later on in the car”s life, when Ford”s direct-injection petrol engines are ready and the range would benefit more from the extra interest surrounding such a car.”

The source said that the a Fiesta ST may not happen until 2012.

Why not just through the 180-hp 1.6L 4-cylinder EcoBoost being shown in the Iosis Max Concept in Geneva?

Source: AutoCar