Video: Gittin sets world’s longest drift record in 2010 Ford Mustang

Vaughn Gittin Jr., a drifting driver from Maryland who competes in the Formula D and D1 Grand Prix series, set out in a stock 2010 Ford Mustang along with 0 to 60 Magazine on a road trip across the United States.

While passing through Las Vegas, Gittin and 0 to 60 decided to stop at Las Vegas Motor Speedway to take a shot at the Guinness drifting world record. Gittin, who feels the current world record is not even a record (he explains it in the video after the jump), ends up breaking the record with a run of 6,285 feet.

The Guinness team still has to verify Gittin’s results but this video should be more than enough proof.

Follow the jump to see the video.