2009 Geneva: EDAG Light Car Open Source Revealed

So you might be looking at the EDAG Light Car Open Source and thinking that here just another concept that looks like every other electric-car that will soon be on the road. While that may be true, the EDAG Light Car Open Source offers a lot of technological features and the first to use (O) LED technology.

What’s (O) LED technology? Those are the lamps that outline the headlights and rear light on the concept – hence the name Light Car Open Source. The driver can design the outlines of the lights to his/her individual taste to give the car a personal appearance.

“We have transferred today’s multimedia and lighting technology standards to the car, and in future want to offer the customer scope for free configuration, as the entire surface of the vehicle functions like the monitor of a multimedia installation, and can be used intelligently and individually,” explains Johannes Barckmann, Head of the EDAG.

Electric-cars just got more personal. Oh, and there are no plans for production whatsoever.

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EDAG Light Car Open Source: