Report: 2009 Ford Focus RS will be the last of the perfomance models

According to sources of Auto Express, the new 2009 Ford Focus RS could be the last model from Ford of Europe to wear the high-performance badge. Of course all this is due to the global economic crisis, future fuel-emissions laws and the fact that it no longer makes business sense for the company.

“The new Focus RS is special ““ not just because of its incredible performance, but because it”s likely to be the last car of this type you will see from Ford,” a Ford insider told the publication.

He said that the situation is unlikely to change and even when recovery begins, Ford will focus more on economical and fuel-efficient cars. So for those you that were hoping the 300-hp Ford Focus RS would come to the U.S. – your dreams have officially been shattered.

2009 Ford Focus RS:



Source: Auto Express