Ford wraps up 2-hour meeting with Obama’s auto team

Following a 4-hour meeting with Chrysler executives on Wednesday and a 6-hour session with GM executives, Obama’s auto task force today met with executives from FoMoCo for a total of 2-hours. Rattner and Bloom, advisers to the U.S. Department of Treasury, met with Ford’s team led by the company’s CFO Lewis Booth.

“Ford is in a different position, and our situation has not changed. We did not and are not seeking emergency financial assistance from the government,” Ford spokesman Mike Moran said.

Separately, FoMoCo CEO Alan Mulally said today that the Dearborn automaker is “carving out a place of its own as the industry struggles to get through the deepening recession.”

“Who’s been on the front edge of making these changes when they needed to?” Mulally asked Automotive News. “I’d say you’ve got to give Ford a lot of credit. I do.”

Source: Detroit News