Thousands rally outside of GM’s Opel factories

In Europe, thousands of workers protested in front of General Motors factories today in hope of saving their jobs at the automaker’s Opel brand. Opel’s Ruesselsheim factory was the main location for the rally as GM reported a $30.9 billion loss for 2008.

Klaus Frans, Opel’s top employee representative told 15,000 workers that gathered for the rally that the only single chance to survive was to spin Opel and Vauxhall from the GM group.

According to foreign minister Frank-Walter Steinmeier, at least 5 European countries would need to work together to save Opel. He said that it is not an easy task and that currently there is no model for that.

Another 1,000 Opel workers rallied outside another factor in Eisenach.

Source: Detroit Free Press