Take the kids to school in a Koenigsegg: Koenigsegg Quant Concept hints at future four-door

For those of you (like us) getting swamped with all the 2009 Geneva Motor Show previews make sure you follow our Geneva Motor Show tag for the latest updates. Joining the huge onslaught of debuts is Swedish supercar maker Koenigsegg which will soon compete the ranks of the four-door high-performance supercars. Along with a one sentence press release that doesn’t provide any details, Koenigsegg said it will unveil its Quant concept in Geneva hinting at a future four-door Koenigsegg built on an all-new platform.

With Koenigsegg being a very elite brand, we expect the Quant to be the most expensive four-door luxury sedan amongst the Aston Martin Rapide, Porsche Panamera and the upcoming Lamborghini Estoque.

Powertrain details have yet to be made available but we expect Koenigsegg to throw in their current engine choices. More details will be available next month.

Koenigsegg Quant Concept: