Chrysler doing all it can to cut costs, takes down clocks at headquarters

For those taxpayers that are totally against Chrysler receiving loan money, it might be pleasing to read that the company is doing all it can to cut costs at its Auburn Hills headquarters.

So far Chrysler has taken down most of the clocks at its headquarters to save an estimated $20,000 dollars. It has also stopped plowing the top floor of five parking decks to save more than $350,000 during this winter.

Other cost saving measures being taken include the removal of 40,000 of the 80,000 lightbulbs at its complex to save $400,000 a year; cutting spending on Christmas decoration by at least $11,000 in 2008; turning down temperature in the hallways from 72 degrees to 68 to save $70,000 a year; and putting 32 pieces of art from its headquarters (a total value of $2.3 million) up for auction.

Chrysler yesterday said that it will need another $2 billion in government loan money to avoid bankruptcy. So far, the Auburn Hills automaker has received a total of $7 billion in bailout money.

Source: Detroit Free Press