Alfa Romeo Milano, Giulia, Crossover details revealed in Chrysler’s viability plan

As we keep digging through Chrysler”s Restructuring Plan for Long-Term Viability Plan submitted to the U.S. Treasury yesterday, we keep finding some interesting new product information. On page 113 of the viability plan, Chrysler displays a graph on how it will improve fuel-economy of its lineup by sharing powertrain and products with Fiat. There on the chart sit three, future Alfa Romeo models.

One of the three models will be a sedan called the Milano. The Milano will replace the 147 entry-premium car and is due in Europe around 2010. The second model, known as the Giulia, will replace the 159 medium-premium sedan and will arrive in Europe in late 2011.

Also detailed in the chart are plans for an Alfa Romeo CUV (or crossover).

Chrysler said that Fiat will share its small platforms, small gasoline and diesel engines and light duty dual-clutch transmissions, eliminating Chrysler’s need to develop these components.

In return Chrysler will hand over its 4-cylinder World Gas Engine and Phoenix V6 powertrains that will make it into the future Fiat product line extension.