Lamborghini to halt production for two weeks in Feb/March

In a response to decreasing demand, Lamborghini has announced that it will halt production for two weeks between February and March affecting around 300 employees of its total 1,000-plus workforce. The Italian supercar manufacturer said that the union has agreed with its moves.

“We have established a decade of sales and profit increases, including another record year for deliveries in 2008, but we cannot maintain the previous levels of production during the downturn,” CEO Stephan Winkelmann said in a statement.

Winkelmann confirmed that Lamborghini has no plans on cutting back on r&d and remains committed to introducing one new product to market every year.

In December 2008, Automobili Lamborghini S.p.A announced record year results in 2008 saying that it will not announce any layoffs.

Source: AutoCar