Sportec 350: A 350-hp Volkswagen Scirocco

There are some that say that there is no such thing as too much horsepower. So while your dreams of a production Scirocco Studie R Concept or a road-going version of the Scirocco GT24 won’t come true anytime soon, tuner Sportec will have to suffice in the meantime.

Sportec has introduced its SC 350 (and we’ll tell you in a minute what that 350 stands for*) with suspension and engine upgrades. Sportec engineers took a 200-hp 2.0L Scirocco and increased the output to anywhere from 240-hp to 350-hp*. The increase output was achieved through engine management chips, a Sportec turbocharger and intercooler. To keep it all under wraps, Sportec is offering a carbon engine cover as well. To enhance performance Sportec lowered the SC 350 by 35mm with adjustable shocks and performance springs.

The Sportec 350 rides on 20-inch lightweight Sportec Mono/10 wheels. Pricing has yet to be revealed but you can be sure we want one.

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Sportec 350 – Volkswagen Scirocco:



Source: WCF