GM will offer quick upgrades to future Chevy Volt models

Making its debut in Windy City, the new 2011 Chevrolet Volt had its own special event during the 2009 Chicago Auto Show. General Motors said that it plans to upgrade the production Volt faster than it would overhaul any other conventional car. Frank Weber, GM’s global vehicle line executive for the Volt, said that the technology used in the Volt will allow the automaker to make improvement on future models far more quickly.

“This is almost like getting software updates into your car,” Weber told the media. “This is not a mechanical world. This is suddenly you get updates, improvements much more rapidly. So, even within a vehicle lifecycle you will see updates that are very significant.”

It seems like most of those updates will be made to increase the Volt’s fuel-efficiency. At the 2009 Chicago Auto Show, General Motors had Bose and Goodyear experts on-hand to explain how the sound system and the tires of the Volt, both increase the plug-in hybrids efficiency.

Check out the two videos below for more details.

Chevrolet Partners with Bose for Sound System in Chevrolet Volt:



Chevrolet Announces Partnership with Goodyear for Chevrolet Volt:



2011 Chevrolet Volt:


Source: Reuters