Video: The Black Stig is back, emerges from the ocean after 6 years

As if all the controversy and speculation surrounding the true identity of Top Gear’s “The Stig” wasn’t confusing enough, a video popped up on YouTube yesterday showing the Black Stig, the original mystery driver, emerging from the ocean.

The video has raised a lot of speculation that BBC is bringing back the character after the identity of the Stig was revealed over and over again last month. The original Black Stig, was the brainchild of host Jeremy Clarkson and joined Top Gear in 2002. The character was then “killed off” after he was identified as British race car drive perry McCarthy.

A press release was released following the video stating: “until now, the original Stig from BBC Top Gear was thought to have been killed back in 2003, when he drove a modified Jaguar XJS off the end of HMS Invincible aircraft carrier at 109mph. . . The nation was shocked that the Stig was dead. However, recent footage has been found on YouTube showing that he miraculously survived.”

Click through to see the video for yourself.