Alfa Romeo 8C Competizione for sale on eBay

Alfa Romeo only sent 84 units of the 8C Competizione to the stateside and they were all reported to have been sold out. Apparently that’s not the case. We guess with the credit crunch and the tough economic times, the market for expensive supercars is pretty soft.

After doing some digging, the Inside Line folks found not only one, but three 8C Competizione coupes on eBay Motors. The lowest bid starts at $243,990 in St. Louis. There is a used 8C Competizione with 28 miles in Houston with a “Buy it Now” price tag of $295,000.

While it seems like those two listings have been pulled from eBay (we did the search and couldn’t find them) there is still one in Minneapolis, MN. That 8C has a starting bid of $305,800 and a “Buy it Now” price of $329,995. No bids have been made. Follow the jump for the high-res image gallery of the Alfa Romeo 8C Competizione.

Alfa Romeo 8C Competizione:



Alfa Romeo 8C Spider: