Volkswagen R32 inventory down to a couple hundred

Volkswagen of America sold a total of 12,744 cars in January 2009, a 11.6 percent decline over January 2008 sales. One V-dub model reported a significant 90 percent drop in sales last month – the R32.

Volkswagen sold just 35 units of the R32 in January 2009 as compared to the 336 units it sold in January 2008. Volkswagen spokesman Jim Gill says that’s due to the inventory of the R32.

“There is no 2009 model of the R32,” Gill told Inside Line. “We adjusted the product mix. The number reflects what’s left in the inventory. There aren’t many of them left nationwide “” just a couple hundred.”

Last week, it was reported that Volkswagen is working on a new 270-hp R-Series that’s due out early 2010.

Source: Inside Line