Videos: Hyundai’s Five Super Bowl XLIII Commercials steal the game… at least for us

So we’ve been covering all the automotive Super Bowl XLIII commercials all night and we didn’t want to forget Hyundai. Although the commercials made their debut on eGMCarTech two days ago, we felt it necessary to bring them back tonight as we grade all the automotive commercials we saw during the big game.

Follow the jump to see our grading on the Hyundai commercials.

Hyundai Super Bowl XLIII Commercial: Contract:
Grade: A. Get laid off from your North American job? The Korean automaker is the only car company that will take your car back.



Hyundai Super Bowl XLIII Commercial: Commitment:
Grade: B+. Hyundai is committed to satisfy its customers.



Hyundai Super Bowl XLIII Commercial: Angry Bosses:
Grade: A+. Hyundai takes a direct shot at all of its “luxury rivals” by becoming the 2009 North American Car of Year. Even we’re pronouncing the company’s name properly.



Hyundai Super XLIII Commercial: Columns:
Grade: A. The ending of the commercial makes us anticipate what’s next.



Hyundai Super Bowl XLIII Commercial: Epic Lap:
Grade: A+. Hyundai gives the Infiniti G Coupes something to worry about in tough economic times where buyers are shopping for affordable cars that get the job done.