Video: BMW 5-Series GT (PAS) Concept Teaser

BMW has released its first “teaser” with inside look at the upcoming Progressive Activity Sedan – or better known as the ‘5-Series GT.’ Almost a month ago, BMW confirmed that it is moving forward with the plans to build the 5-Series GT and will target the vehicle at “drivers who want an SUV but are not looking for a full-scale sports-utility.”

BMW says that the new concept hints at a future vehicle with “Innovative space concepts, premium comfort. It is not a sedan, no SUV and no station-wagon, but 100% BMW.” Pricing for the BMW 5-Series GT will fit somewhere between the 5-Series wagon and the 7-Series.

This is the first video of a series that will show the revolutionary concept. We’re guessing that we’ll see a concept version very soon during this auto show season – maybe even in Geneva in March.

Click through for the video.